~ the boys: gobble ’til you wobble!!! ~

I know it seems like the boys are my only clients, they aren’t… but I sure do love them!

I am totally absorbed in editing 2 big birthday parties and taking Christmas photos that can’t be shared until after the cards go out so this Halloween post may be up for a while! NOT that I mind at all!!!

It’s only appropriate that this session be posted this Halloween week, it is my one year anniversary with these precious boys! SO happy to have gotten to know them and their awesome family! This one was truly a group effort!!!


Things have changed quite a bit in the past year, it isn’t as easy to get the two in the same shot these days!

Our attempt to re-create last year’s Tiger shot  below was nothing short of hilarious. The joke was on us!!!

Can you believe how much they’ve grown? and as CUTE AS EVER!!!

Telling secrets only they can understand…probably laughing at all of us!

Some Hide and Seek…

 Peek-a-boo Hoke!!!


Sweet Will brought me flowers!!!


happy halloween!!!!