~our sebastian’s 2nd birthday: we love big trucks~

Whew, this year flew by! Chasing a toddler around sure made life interesting! This year I scaled the party down a bit, but it didn’t keep me from staying up all night the night before. Procrastination central. Thanks again to all of our family that helped me get things together and joined us to celebrate our sweet, fun, talkative and ENERGETIC little Mister!

I did a construction site shoot for the invitation with help from Uncle Steve (THANK YOU), a ridiculously bright AM party with hardly any shooting time (again, if it hadn’t been so low key this time I would have hired somebody to take over photography responsibility) and a post party mini (like 10 shots after school the next week, all he’d sit still for).

Tammy McLendon Brooks gets MANY kudos for the beyond delicious and beautiful cake!


i am 2 t-shirt


getting to know webb ~ newborn lifestyle session

I spent most of the day with this precious family, documenting the everyday moments with their beautiful new baby boy.

I gravitated toward the black and white images here, but usually provide a mix of black and white and color in the final product.

I enjoyed this so much, it was so relaxed and easy going. The typical pressure of getting the perfect posed shot was non-existent.

Everyone was so happy and comfortable.  Just the way it should be.